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How it works | Autiknow

App designed to help teach individuals on the spectrum practical skills

A novel and unique evidence-based tool that engages persons with autism with the world on their terms. Wrapped within a powerful, intuitive, customizable and flexible mobile app that has the potential to truly change lives! Individuals with autism can learn to accomplish everyday tasks and become more functional at home, school and within their communities.

The app is jam packed with a library of over 30K media rich symbols by SymbolStix including multiple languages, personalized and collaborative content sharing and built in default tasks also make the work not only easily customizable and understood but FUN and engaging!

Access a powerful statistical tracking system based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). As a result you may fully understand your child/student/adults' unique cognitive learning processes and adjust the teaching tasks accordingly. Explore easily the visually appealing extensive amounts of data within the app through the cloud powered dashboard allowing to track progress and performance with real data in real time. Print beautiful infographics to share at team meetings with parents and professionals. The app continues to collect data even when you are not accessible to Wi-Fi. It will automatically refresh the moment you are in a hotspot or Wi-Fi zone so you never lose any data.

The data can be viewed with permissions granted via the AutiKnow Dashboard Web Page as long as you have access to the Internet without the app from any device or desktop computer.


    mobile application for people with autism


    people in the autistic spectrum


    communication between children with autism, their families and caregivers

  1. Evidence-based approach
  2. Comprehensive data collection
  3. Work online and offline

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